Dr. Marina Yuabov

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Dr. Marina Yuabova is an esteemed healthcare practitioner renowned for her expertise in holistic and functional medicine, specializing in hormone balance, anti-aging, cognitive health, gut health, thyroid health, fertility, and aesthetics. 

Armed with a robust academic background, including Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Family Nursing Care from SUNY Stony Brook, alongside a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP), Dr. Yuabova has honed extensive knowledge and experience in holistic and functional medicine, reinforced by her board certification from the ANCC. 

Setting herself apart, she integrates quantum energy healing principles into her practice, bridging the physical, mental, and spiritual realms for comprehensive wellness. By tapping into the inherent frequencies of life, Dr. Yuabova facilitates healing and balance at a profound level. 

Embracing a patient-centered approach, she delves deep into identifying and addressing root causes, guiding individuals on a transformative journey toward optimal health. Dr. Yuabova’s commitment to education empowers patients to take charge of their well-being, establishing her as a trusted leader in the field.


Daniel Yuabov

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As an Advisor at Road to Fertility, I bring a wealth of experience in guiding individuals through their holistic health journey, offering expert advice on personalized care and natural treatment options. My role focuses on empowering clients with the knowledge and support needed to achieve their health and wellness goals, ensuring a tailored approach that resonates with their unique needs.

Operations Manager

Annie Asher

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Annie is the Operations Manager at National Wellness Group and Road to Fertility, with a profound passion for holistic and functional medicine. With over 13 years of experience in the field, Annie has tirelessly devoted herself to assisting patients in their journey towards healing and wellness. Her commitment to excellence and her deep understanding of holistic approaches make her an invaluable asset to the organizations she serves.

Annie’s expertise lies in creating pathways for patients to achieve their health goals, utilizing a blend of traditional and alternative methods tailored to individual needs. Her compassionate nature and unwavering dedication to her work have earned her the respect and admiration of both colleagues and patients alike.

Patient Care Coordinator

Irena Khodak

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Irena serves as the heart of our clinic as the Patient Care Coordinator, and is deeply committed to the principles of functional and holistic medicine. 
Her role is pivotal in ensuring that the communication between patients and providers is seamless, advocating for personalized care plans that align with each patient’s unique health goals. With a strong belief in the power of natural and integrative health approaches, Irena not only supports our patients through their healing journey but also educates them on the importance of a holistic lifestyle. Her dedication, empathy, and meticulous attention to detail make her an indispensable part of our team, enriching our clinic with her passion for nurturing patient-provider relationships and fostering an environment where patients feel truly cared for and understood.


Patient Care Coordinator / Health Coach

Laura Gonzalez

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Laura is a dedicated health coach with a passion for holistic wellness and alternative medicine. With a background in alternative medicine and years of experience in various healthcare settings, Laura brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her coaching. 

As a firm believer in sustainable living, Laura is committed to promoting environmentally friendly practices and empowering individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles. Her interest in worm composting exemplifies her dedication to sustainability and minimizing ecological footprints.

Driven by a desire to provide healing and support to others, Laura combines her extensive training and continued education in alternative medicine with a compassionate approach to coaching. She strives to empower her clients to achieve optimal health and well-being through personalized guidance and holistic practices.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Laura enjoys exploring ways to incorporate sustainable living practices into her daily life and sharing her knowledge with others. Whether she’s tending to her composting worms or facilitating healing sessions, Laura is dedicated to making a positive impact on the health and wellness of individuals and the planet.