“I cannot begin to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Marina and her fertility program for making my biggest dream come true. At the young age of 28, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and bilateral tube blockage, and after three failed attempts at IVF, I was losing hope. However, after only 6 months on Dr.

Marina’s program, I scheduled my last IVF in the middle of the seventh month, and it was a resounding success! Now, I am the proud mother of a beautiful 4-year-old daughter, and I owe it all to Dr. Marina’s dedication and expertise. Her program truly works wonders, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone struggling with infertility. Dr. Marina, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this miracle possible.”

Beth M.

“Dr. Marina’s holistic and integrative approach to healthcare truly made a world of difference in my journey towards a healthy pregnancy. She is a true healer and I am forever grateful for her guidance and support. I highly recommend seeking out her expertise if you are facing menstrual cycle irregularities or fertility issues.”

Angelika S.

“Dr. Marina is an absolute gem of a fertility specialist! Her personalized approach to resolving my POS and weight loss issues was a game-changer for me. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise, coupled with her compassionate care, made all the difference. Thanks to her guidance and support, I was able to make significant progress in managing my PCOS symptoms and achieving a healthier weight.”

Anna P.

“At the age of 27, I have been struggling with severe endometriosis which has resulted in extensive scarring and a complete blockage of my right fallopian tube. This condition has left me in constant pain, unable to be physically active, and feeling depressed. Despite seeing numerous doctors in the past, I was drawn to Dr. Marina’s unique approach after attending a webinar.

After only two months of working with Dr. Marina, I have already experienced significant improvements in my health. Without even trying, I have lost 12 pounds through major dietary changes, and I am no longer in pain. I am now more active than I have been in the past three years and walk daily, enjoying the outdoors. Dr. Marina’s coaching, treatment, and support have given me hope that one day I may be able to become a mother.”

Rachel L.

My husband and I have been trying for 4 years. I have had so many tests, and I am as healthy as my husband. Everything is normal and I have been diagnosed with idiopathic infertility. The worst part is yes now you have the diagnosis and what to do about it. Idiopathic sounds like a death sentence, all our hopes were crushed. No-one knew how to treat me since nothing was wrong. We have decided to speak with Dr. Marina, our first visit was more than an hour long, We have not had such an extensive visit with anyone in our journey. The process itself is very different, all we needed to know if we can have a child. During the discovery process, Dr. Marina shared her suspicions with us, and of course we disagreed with it. We came to review my blood results, I learned that the problem is in fact my thyroid How could that be???, it has been checked so many times. We started protocol, changed diet, taken supplements for 3 months and happy to report: I AM PREGNANT for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. Thank you Dr Marina for everything.

Nicole H.

“Dr. Marina’s exceptional fertility program gave me renewed hope and confidence after three heartbreaking miscarriages. She listened to my concerns and designed a program for me. Now, we are 8 months pregnant, I will become a mother. Dr. Marina’s expertise, kindness, and dedication to helping women like me achieve their dreams of motherhood are truly remarkable. I highly recommend her fertility program to anyone struggling with infertility.”

Karla B.

“Let me share my amazing journey of treating my idiopathic infertility. I struggled to conceive for a long time and it was a frustrating experience. Healthy, although infertile. Go figure. Then, I met with Dr. Marina who helped me identify that my IBS and inflammation were contributing factors. I have joined a program and it worked! I got pregnant and had a healthy baby! I am so grateful to this amazing team for their expertise, kindness, and commitment to my health.”

Francheska G.

“Dr. Marina is a lifesaver! I had been struggling with chronic fatigue for years and had almost given up hope of finding a solution. But Dr. Marina’s holistic approach to treatment and her expertise in natural remedies have made all the difference. With her guidance, I have been able to regain my energy and feel like myself again. Dr. Marina truly cares about her patients and is committed to their overall health and well-being. I am so grateful for her care and cannot recommend her enough!”

Pamela F.

“I just have to share with you how Dr. Marina has completely changed my life. After going through Endometriosis surgery, and being placed on very harsh medication I came across of Dr. Marina’s webpage, the program is very involving, the diet itself is limiting, but results are amazing. After 7 months, my husband and I received the most amazing news – we’re expecting a baby! Dr. Marina has been with me every step of the way, ensuring that both me and the baby are healthy throughout the pregnancy and beyond. I won’t lie, this program takes commitment and hard work, but it’s worth it. I now have the tools and knowledge to live a healthy and vibrant life. Simply Thank you Dr. Marina”

Thea L

“I just had my first consultation with Dr. Marina, and I am blown away by the level of insight and personalized attention she provided. I’ve been struggling with infertility for years and have seen several doctors, but none of them took the time to truly understand my situation like Dr. Marina did. I left the consultation feeling empowered and motivated to make positive changes in my life. I am so grateful for Dr. Marina and her incredible fertility program. I have no doubt that with her help, I will achieve my dream of becoming a mother.”

Lela H

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