What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a chronic and painful condition characterized by the growth of tissue similar to the lining of the uterus outside of it. This can result in pain, irregular bleeding, and potential infertility. It often affects the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and pelvic tissue.

The precise cause of endometriosis remains uncertain, but it could stem from various hormonal factors, familial predisposition, abnormal immune responses, parasitic infections, or retrograde menstruation where menstrual blood flows backward into the pelvic cavity.

Holistic treatment for endometriosis can enhance your quality of life and notably diminish or eradicate symptoms.


Endometriosis Symptoms

There are numerous symptoms linked to endometriosis, including the following. While some individuals may experience all of these symptoms, others may only experience a few.
  • Infertility
  • Pelvic pain
  • Painful menstrual periods (dysmenorrhea, which can sometimes cause severe pain)
  • Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)
  • Excessive menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia)
  • Gastrointestinal issues (such as diarrhea, issues with bowel movements, constipation, or bloating)
  • Fatigue
  • Lower back pain

How is Endometriosis Diagnosed?

Endometriosis is commonly diagnosed by evaluating medical history, conducting a physical examination (including a pelvic exam), and utilizing medical imaging. In certain instances, a laparoscopy might be recommended, entailing the insertion of a thin tube into the abdomen to directly visualize the uterus. If deemed necessary, tissue samples may be obtained for further analysis.

Holistic Treatment For Endometriosis in New York City:
What To Expect

Holistic treatment for endometriosis is tailored to suit the individual needs of each patient in New York City. A treatment regimen generally spans from 4 to 6 months, though it may extend beyond this timeframe as required.

During Your Initial Consultation

In your initial consultation, Dr. Yuabova will attentively listen to your concerns and symptoms, conduct a thorough medical history review, and perform a whole-body energy scan, with your consent.

Her objective is to identify and tackle the root cause of your endometriosis through diagnostic approaches, which inform further testing to pinpoint specific areas requiring attention. Upon identifying the cause of your endometriosis, medical evidence will be gathered through a comprehensive blood panel, facilitating the commencement of treatment.

During Your Follow-Up Appointments

Your endometriosis treatment plan in New York City will be tailored specifically to you and will encompass a range of strategies. Continuous support is also available to ensure accurate implementation of the treatment plan. Dr. Yuabova and her team will maintain regular communication with you every 2 to 4 weeks.

Treatment can include:

  • A functional blood panel to assess hormone levels and overall body function
  • Nutritional therapy (oral or IV)
  • Neural therapy
  • Herbs and nutritional supplements
  • Minerals
  • Peptides / amino acid therapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Dietary modifications
  • Coaching and education

Benefits of Endometriosis Treatment in New York City with a Holistic Health Specialist

Through treatment for endometriosis from a holistic health specialist in New York City, you can anticipate the following benefits:
  • Tailored approach to your treatment regimen
  • Comprehensive wellness addressing beyond symptom management
  • Holistic therapies in alignment with your body’s natural processes
  • A proactive approach to treatment, rather than a reactive
  • Emotional support
  • Hormone balance
  • Stress reduction
  • Enhanced overall quality of life

Endometriosis Treatment in New York City with Road to Fertility

Road to Fertility specializes in holistic and functional medicine, guiding patients toward optimal health and enduring well-being. For those prioritizing personalized care and natural fertility treatments harmonizing with their bodies, we aspire to be your healing sanctuary at Road to Fertility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes endometriosis pain?
The discomfort associated with endometriosis stems from the proliferation of endometrial cells beyond the uterus, resulting in inflammation, scar tissue formation, and adhesions in the pelvic region, particularly during menstruation.
How can endometriosis cause infertility?
Endometriosis can impede fertility through various mechanisms. The growths or scar tissue resulting from endometriosis may obstruct the movement of eggs from the ovaries to the fallopian tubes, hindering fertilization. Hormonal imbalances linked to endometriosis can disrupt the menstrual cycle and ovulation, impairing the release of viable eggs for fertilization. Additionally, inflammation induced by endometriosis can compromise the functionality of sperm and eggs, diminishing the likelihood of conception.
How is holistic treatment for endometriosis different from traditional treatment methods?
Some individuals may attempt to alleviate symptoms of endometriosis through over-the-counter medications, prescription pain relievers, invasive surgeries to remove the growths, or even hysterectomy in severe cases. However, many of these methods fail to address the underlying cause of endometriosis.

Dr. Yuabova’s objective is to pinpoint the underlying health issue contributing to your endometriosis, which guides the selection of the most suitable treatment approach. In many instances, a functional blood panel will also be conducted to assess hormone levels and obtain a comprehensive understanding of your body’s overall function.

How can you treat endometriosis in New York City holistically?

Managing endometriosis holistically entails integrating lifestyle adjustments and natural therapies alongside conventional medical treatments. These approaches are designed to complement traditional treatments by taking a proactive stance toward wellness, prioritizing overall well-being and symptom alleviation.

Conventional medicine often adopts a reactive approach to treating endometriosis, which may involve using medications to alleviate pain, hormonal therapies to curb the growth of endometrial tissue, or invasive surgery to excise endometriosis tissue and scar tissue.

Do appointments have to be in person?
Patients can opt for either telehealth appointments or in-person visits at our New York City location, encompassing both the initial consultation and any subsequent follow-up appointments. If blood work or other testing is necessary, we’ll direct you to a nearby functional lab equipped to conduct the required tests.