What is Endometriosis?

For those with endometriosis, a persistent problem exists where tissue like the inside of the uterus grows elsewhere, causing considerable pain, inconsistent bleeding, and possibly fertility problems. Most often, this involves tissues near the ovaries and pelvic area.

The root cause of endometriosis isn’t fully understood. It might be related to one’s hormonal balance, family medical history, how the body fights off diseases, infections, or backflow of menstrual fluids.

Utilizing a well-rounded treatment method aimed at endometriosis can help better the lives of those dealing with its effects and can substantially lower or altogether relieve the troubling symptoms.


Endometriosis Symptoms

Endometriosis is linked to assorted symptoms. Each person’s experience with the disease is unique, with some facing multiple symptoms and others a minimal amount.
  • Infertility
  • Pelvic pain
  • Painful menstrual periods (dysmenorrhea, which can sometimes cause severe pain)
  • Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)
  • Excessive menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia)
  • Gastrointestinal issues (such as diarrhea, issues with bowel movements, constipation, or bloating)
  • Fatigue
  • Lower back pain

How is Endometriosis Diagnosed?

Doctors usually figure out if someone has endometriosis by talking about their health history, checking their body (with a special focus on the lower belly area), and sometimes using imaging tests. At times, they may use a small camera through a tiny cut in the belly to get a better look at the uterus, and they might take tiny pieces of tissue if necessary.

Holistic Treatment For Endometriosis in Tampa:
What To Expect

Tailored holistic therapy for endometriosis accounts for the distinct requirements of each patient. Treatment durations typically range from 4 to 6 months, though they can be prolonged if necessary.

During Your Initial Consultation

At your first meeting with Dr. Yuabova, she will attentively listen to the issues and symptoms you’ve been facing. She’ll go over your medical past and, if you agree, she can carry out an energy scan of your entire body.

Dr. Yuabova aims to pinpoint the fundamental cause of your endometriosis using specific diagnostic tools. This step guides further testing to precisely identify what additional tests are needed. Once she discovers what’s causing your endometriosis, she will collect medical proof through a thorough blood test. After that, she can start your treatment.

During Your Follow-Up Appointments

Your personalized endometriosis treatment plan will encompass a variety of approaches tailored to your unique circumstances. Continuous support is provided to ensure the proper execution of the treatment plan. Dr. Yuabova and her team will maintain regular communication with you, conducting check-ins every 2 to 4 weeks.

Treatment can include:

  • A functional blood panel to assess hormone levels and overall body function
  • Nutritional therapy (oral or IV)
  • Neural therapy
  • Herbs and nutritional supplements
  • Minerals
  • Peptides / amino acid therapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Dietary modifications
  • Coaching and education

Benefits of Endometriosis Treatment with a Holistic Health Specialist

Seeking treatment for endometriosis from a holistic health specialist in Tampa can result in the following benefits:
  • Specific, adapted health regimens for personal care
  • Total wellness focus to surpass simply treating symptoms
  • Harmonious natural treatment options that align with your physiology
  • Forward-thinking in health treatment decisions
  • Emotional wellbeing assistance
  • Maintenance of hormone levels
  • Strategies to lower distress
  • Betterment of general life quality with comprehensive wellness

Endometriosis Treatment with Road to Fertility

Road to Fertility specializes in holistic and functional medicine, striving to assist patients in achieving optimal health and lasting well-being. If you prioritize personalized care and natural fertility treatments aligned with your body’s needs, we invite you to discover healing at Road to Fertility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes endometriosis pain?
People with endometriosis experience pain because cells that should be inside the uterus grow outside of it. This can cause irritation, scarring, and tissue sticking together in the area around the hips, and the pain is often worse when menstruating.
How can endometriosis cause infertility?
Endometriosis is a condition that can make it hard for women to get pregnant. It creates unwanted tissue or scars that can block the eggs from getting to the tubes called fallopian tubes, where they need to meet sperm. Also, the hormonal changes that come with endometriosis may mess up regular egg release during the menstrual cycle. Plus, the irritation from endometriosis can make it tough for sperm and eggs to work well, lowering the chance of a baby being conceived.
How is holistic treatment for endometriosis different from traditional treatment methods?
In attempting to manage endometriosis, individuals may opt for a range of treatments from taking medicines available at the pharmacy, using prescribed painkillers, undergoing surgeries to take out the abnormal tissue, or even having a hysterectomy when the situation is critical. Nevertheless, such approaches often fail to tackle the fundamental cause of endometriosis.

Dr. Yuabova concentrates on discovering the core health problem leading to endometriosis to find the most effective treatment. Typically, she conducts a functional blood test to check hormone levels and get an overall idea of the body’s health.

How can you treat endometriosis holistically?
Endometriosis holistic management involves lifestyle adjustments and natural therapies in conjunction with medical treatments. These holistic modalities seek to support traditional interventions by fostering a proactive approach to health and well-being, with an emphasis on overall health enhancement and symptom management.

In contrast, conventional medical approaches often adopt a reactive stance toward treating endometriosis, relying on pain medications, hormonal therapies, or surgical procedures to address symptoms and tissue abnormalities.

Do appointments have to be in person?
Our patients have the freedom to select telehealth visits or personal appointments at our location in Tampa for all consultations, including follow-ups. Should there be a requirement for blood work or additional testing, we partner with a nearby lab that will conduct these necessary tests.